Gameday Brew #1 – Bruins @ Sabres


"The cause and solution to all of life's problems" - Homer Simpson

If you live in Boston – it is currently 17 degrees. This is categorized as “cold as fuck” or “cold as hell”. Cold as hell makes no sense, but we’re Bostonians and we don’t use the letter R either.

Every game day I am going to suggest a beer or so based on the match up and/or temperature to enhance your hockey viewing pleasure. How does beer enhance the pleasure of hockey? How doesn’t it?

These beers will all have been beer sampled by me in the past. You may love these beers or you may hate them. What I suggest though is that you try them. There are to many people out there who feel drinking Natty Ice or PBR is acceptable and it’s time to change that. If we want to be considered a sophisticated society, we need to drink something other than shitty beer or from bottles that tell us when our beer is cold.

So lets look at the game tonight:

Quick Synopsis: The Bruins will be in Buffalo to take on the Sabres. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Boston is 2-0 against Buffalo on the season, beating them 5-2 and then 3-2 in overtime. Over their last five games, Boston is 3-0-2 while Buffalo is 3-1-0-1. Both teams have had a nice run as of late, which means this game should be close.

Weather: The weather will play a factor in the decision of the beer. If it is a warm day (think around the playoffs), you’re not going to want to drink something heavy. Adversely, on a cold night, those heavier type of ales will hit the spot.

I mentioned earlier that it is 17 degrees in Boston but with the wind chill it is more around 7 degrees. When its cold out, I tend to like a heavier style of beer. You need to distinguish, though, why you’re drinking in the first place. If you’re ripping through beers, these heavy beers will fill you up right away. If you’re just enjoying them at your leisure then these heavy bastards do their job right.

Gameday Beer tonight is:

Sam Adams
Sam Adams; Always a great decision!

Why Sam Adam’s Winter Lager? Well it is fucking cold out so this beer should sit nicely. For those who have never had Sam Adams Winter Lager, you’re missing out. It’s a seasonal brew which means once winter is over this beer is pulled off of the shelves. It has a nice amber color and the head isn’t bad at all. The taste is delicious with a nice hint of orange zest and a spice that hits the back of your throat.

Tonight, I suggest meeting your buddies at the pub or sitting at home watching  the game in HD with a couple cold Sam Adams brews. Should do the trick.

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I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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