Hey NESN, what the fuck?

tv snow

NESN HD, is that you?

It’s 7:37pm as I write this and immediately there’s an issue on my 42″ 1080p LCD HD TV…NESN’s Bruins game looks like absolute dog shit!

David Krejci just scored as I piss and moan to take a 1-0 lead for Boston!

Drew Stafford just scored on the power play. Fuck you Drew Stafford.

Back to NESN. It doesn’t matter if the Bruins win 45-1 tonight because a cable station should not be broadcasting something on high definition that looks like shit. The ice looks terrible, the puck and players look grainy, the colors are muted and it’s a virtual eyesore.

You can definitely tell the difference when NESN goes to the intermission report with Barry Pederson and Kathryn Tappen, but it could be Tappen’s beauty radiating through the screen.

What is it that makes NESN’s HD transmission so terrible? In an age where you can broadcast shows and movies from the 1980’s in HD, why can’t you do it well during a sporting event.

During the first period intermission, I switched my TV from NESN HD to CSN HD to watch the Celtics game and the difference is astronomical. The Celtics game had some good looking colors, no “jaggies” and no sweeping movements when the camera moved.

I know I sound like a stuck up piece of shit, but fuck you, this is an age where you can text someone without using a keyboard or read something on a “tablet”. With the iPhone, iPod, all the Andriod devices, WiFi and everything else out there, I have a fucking right to sound stuck up. I pay for it right? It’s like buying a 30 pack of Miller Lite and finding out they filled the cardboard box with Red Dog. When’s the last time someone even mentioned Red Dog before now?

It is obvious that NESN can’t do anything about it, but what the fuck. Wake up NESN, you bunch of shitty assholes.

TV shot

Shot from my HTC Incredible

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I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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