Gameday Brew #2 – Bruins @ Canadiens

Still licking your wounds after that rough Bruins game versus the Buffalo Sabres? No need to worry my friends, I’m here with another Gameday Brew! Last night I thought that Sam Adams Winter Lager would sit well because of the cold weather – well guess what, it’s still cold outside. It will be cold outside until about April so maybe “being cold” shouldn’t be part of the equation. Or maybe it should. Who knows.

The only thing I know is that if you’re a Bruins fan this morning, you’re pissed. You’re pissed because the Bruins won, you’re pissed because your team just lost to Lindy Ruff and his ties and you’re pissed because the officiating sucked a bag of dicks. You’re also pissed that your team laid down like a couple of Revere sluts after the prom and took their beating without any real fight in them.

So the stench of that loss is still lingering as we’re all getting ready for a massive showdown between the Bruins and the Canadiens aka the Habs aka the Habbies aka the Kermits.

Quick Synopsis: The Habs are sitting first in the Northeast Division with 38 points while Boston is in second with 36. Montreal is currently on a 3 game losing streak, losing to Detroit (4-2), Toronto (3-1) and Philly (5-3) while Boston is coming off of a loss to Buffalo (3-2) and playing a back-to-back game. Carey Price and Tim Thomas have played very well this season and will look to continue that tonight. Thomas leads the NHL in GAA with 1.51, save percentage at .954 and shutouts with 5. Price is fifth in the NHL in GAA at 2.07, fourth in save percentage .931 and leads the NHL with 17 wins.

Weather: Understatement of the year: It’s cold out! Boston is supposed to get a high of 31 degrees F and a low of about 20. We’re not counting wind chill here, but regardless, it’s freaking cold out.

What will warm you up? How about some rage? The Canadiens and Bruins have THE best rivalry in hockey. It is not one of the best, it is the best. There’s a long history behind this rivalry and isn’t some made-up media bullshit (see: Sidney Crosby vs Caveman Ovechkin) to drive NHL ratings. Couple the game with a loss last night and Bruins fans are pissing vinegar this morning. So what will taste delicious as you’re raging?

Four Loko

four loko

"Welcome to Die" - Magneto, X-Men Arcade Game

For all of us in Massachusetts, this wonderful mix of caffeine and alcohol is banned because college kids are fucking retarded and drink 4 cans of it and die. Now, some of you may feel bad for these kings of speds, but I for one think of it as population control. Oh, you want to chug 4 23oz cans in a 10-20 minute window? Oh, now you have alcohol poisoning? Oh, now you’re dead? It has to be the drinks fault right? It’s not the fault of the person drinking it? Of course not – not in this America we live in.

Well I have wonderful news Massachusetts residents, Four Loko isn’t banned in New Hampshire. Well it may be, but I haven’t been able to find proof that is has been. With that said – go drive up to New Hamsphire tonight and get yourself a case of this elixir, drink it down and feel like you just got stabbed in the heart with an adrenaline needle.

Run around Boston with no pants on and enjoy the feeling, because when you wake up tomorrow you’ll feel like you’ve been hit in the face with a sledgehammer wrapped in barbed wire, but if the Bruins win, who cares right?

About angrybruin

I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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