Bruins Piss Themselves, Loss In Montreal

You have got to be dicking me.

That’s probably the only thing that I can really think of to describe the abortion known as the Boston Bruins. For those who aren’t in the “know”, the Bruins just lost a game to the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 in overtime.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem. Teams win games and teams lose games. No one will ever go 82-0 in hockey, but to lose the way Boston lost tonight is uncalled for. Let me paint the picture for you.

Boston was up 2-0 against the Canadiens with about 3 minutes left in the third period. All of a sudden, Boston took their foot of off the gas pedal and took a “prevent defense” type approach where they would bleed the clock and win the game. The issue is that THIS TYPE OF PLAY DOESN’T WORK. Bruins fans who have paid attention over the past few years can attest that Claude Julien’s system at the end of games does not work.

So tonight Bruins fans get to sit around and watch their team collapse then start ruckus at the end of the game. Haven’t we’ve seen this before? Where is that fire during the game? Where’s the passion while your opponent is getting themselves back in to the game? I believe it is time to hold the coach responsible for his actions. Playing the 4th line with less than 2 minutes left against the Montreal 1s? Bad idea.

This isn’t going to be me lobbying for Julien to get fired because I could care less about whether or not the Bruins are going to let him go. It’s not going to happen this year. Bank on it. Star this post. Write it down somewhere. Tweet it and star it. Claude Julien will not be fired and I think it has more to do with Chiarelli’s ego than anything else. Again, this isn’t going to be a rant against Chiarelli either. If you’ve been following me for the past two years, you know my feelings on the guy.

What this is about is how you allow your hockey team to play like pussies in the third period. The Bruins strength isn’t its defense, at least this year. Chara seems to be a shell of himself this season, whether you care to admit it or not. Julien’s mismanagement in the end of the third period and overtime was poor. I don’t know why he insists to play Ryder with the top line or why he puts him out there in a 4 on 4 situation. You need speed and Ryder doesn’t have that.

Eventually we’ve all come to accept what happens when the Bruins do this. They pissed their pants against Philadelphia in the playoffs last season (and no, I won’t let that go…ever) and no one was held accountable. Instead Chiarelli tried to blow rainbows and sunshine up our shitholes and feed us the company line about making the second round in two years. The game tonight will also be about the same.

As I type this, Claude Julien just told NESN “I thought we played well in the third period.”

Enough said.

Well, time to take the two game losing streak in to Pittsburgh.


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I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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