Gameday Brew #5 – Bruins @ Penguins

I feel like we’re hitting our stride here at Angry Bruins Fan and for the 10 people who still come here, I thank you. The Bruins are in Pittsburgh to take on the Crosby-less Pens because he hurt his vagina head and has a concussion. Weird that last year Pens fans wouldn’t shut up defending Cooke’s hit on Savard but now wants blood because Crosby is hurt.

Guess hypocrisy is a good thing.

If you want a good game preview, check out my homeboys at Days of Y’Orr. Jon breaks it down with the best of them.

So if you were around this weekend and stumbled upon my lovely abode, you more than likely read my rant on the Bruins lack of effort in the third period against the Canadiens. Whatever your feelings are on the matter, I stand by them. My worry about tonight’s game is that since Crosby is out, Boston will take the struggling Pens lightly. I say “struggling” because Pittsburgh has won one game in their last four (8-1 win over Tampa) and has scored just 1 goal it their past two games (2-1 shootout loss to Montreal and a 4-0 loss to Minnesota).

So if you watched the game on Saturday night and have been on Twitter today (at any point) listening to Bruins fans bitch and moan about what the fuck the team is going through, you probably need something to get your defenses down and enjoy the hockey game tonight. There is a lot of negativity flowing around Boston today (most of it probably coming from myself) so don’t let it get you down.

Today’s Gameday Brew is my favorite drink of all time. BTW, if you want a good one – go see Adam at O’Brien’s in Lynn. Dude is clutch.

So today’s Gameday Brew is…THE BLACK AND TAN!

black and tan

The Double Rainbow of beer. ITS GLORIOUS!

I discovered the black and tan a long time ago and man, its delicious. If you’re home and want to make yourself one of these bad larrys, go to the packy and get yourself some Bass Ale and Guinness. Follow these simple steps (and visuals provided from

Step 1

Step 1: Pour Bass into glass

Step 1. Tilt your glass at and angle and pour in the Bass Ale. Tilting the glass (for all your beer newbs out there) eliminates the head (see: foam) which is crucial when making a black and tan.

Step 2: Guinness over an upside-down spoon

Step 2: Guinness over an upside-down spoon

Step 2: Grab a spoon and turn it upside down. Put it over the top of the glass and slowly pour your Guinness into the glass. You need to be patient with this because a quick pour will make the make the two beers mix.

If you have done it right, the beer should look like the large picture above.

Again, it’s my favorite drink of all time and I believe you’ll enjoy it too. It takes a little bit to make, but anyone who loves beer should try this, at least once.

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I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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2 Responses to Gameday Brew #5 – Bruins @ Penguins

  1. sarah says:

    BLACK AND TAN = DELISH. have you ever tried a black and blue? guinness + blueberry ale. sounds gross, is actually amazeballs

  2. Merc says:

    Black and Tans are great… just be careful ordering one in a hardcore Irish bar. “Black and Tans” are named after the Black and Tans, a group of British WWI veterans to suppress Irish revolutionaries. Basically, Britain’s version of the SS. The alternate name is a “Half and Half.”

    There’s also “Black and Blues” (Guinness and Blue Moon) and Guinness and Magners (I think that’s a “Snakebite”)

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