Gameday Brew #6 – Senators @ Bruins

In the jubilation and celebration of last night’s win, a lot of things have been over looked because of the outcome. I’m not here to dwell on those things though; at least not today. The only thing that should truly matter is that Boston won a hockey game and gained two points on the Canadiens. Was it pretty? Not at all, but sometimes pretty doesn’t matter. In the end, the only thing that matters is what ends up on the scoreboard.

Last night’s score board read: Penguins: 2 Bruins: 4. That’s it. I don’t feel like going in to detail about the Bruins lack of effort for about 50 minutes. I don’t feel like going in to the “fire Claude” tweets, the Facebook messages saying “Bruins suck” or the gchat messages I got saying “what the fuck are we watching?”

It seems like all of that doesn’t matter now, but I’ve ranted about that (see it tomorrow on Days of Y’Orr).

I’m going to make this short because I’ve had a very bad day at work. Tonight, drink like a fucking champion. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Sam Adam's Infinium



About angrybruin

I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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