46. Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes

It is all we ever wanted!


Let’s be real for a minute. When the Bruins play Carolina are you sitting there wishing the Bruins were playing Carolina or Hartford? I want your honest opinion on this. I’ve been a hockey fan since the mid 90’s, ever since I was a young little scamp. I was lucky enough to get a few years out of the Bruins/Whalers rivalry before they packed their bags and headed to Carolina.

Since the Whalers moved they have won a Stanley Cup but really there isn’t anything about them that makes you remember them. Sure, we’ll remember the loss to Carolina in the playoffs a few years back but that’s based more on a Boston failure than a Carolina victory. That could have happened with any team and the result would be the same.

The thing is there isn’t any ill will towards Carolina, they are just there. Carolina is like the step-child that is tagging along while you’re going to the movies with your friends. He’s running around your legs in circles with his bright ass red head trying to get noticed when all you want to do is smoke a butt. So the little shit keeps saying “HEY LOOK AT ME!” “HEY LOOK AT ME!” and you slap him around, tell him to shut the fuck up and he still doesn’t stop.

Carolina is not a real hockey city. Sure it gets loud there but when you’re tailgating in the middle of a fucking field for hours at a time, drinking Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, shit is going to get loud. I wish I could sit outside the Garden and slug whiskey until game time. I’d be the loudest mother fucker in the building (with or without pants on). Last season the Hurricanes were 23rd in average attendance and this season they are 21st. I don’t want to hear how passionate of a fan base you are when you can’t fill the fucking building. I also don’t want to hear that shit argument about the number of seats in a building as opposed to another. Carolina averages 15,441 people a game this year in an arena that holds 18,176.

Good hockey city my balls.


Sub Zero's retarded cousin

When it comes to the actual game, I wouldn’t expect much from Carolina in terms of actual play. The Bruins should once again dominate them as Cam Ward bring his wonderful 10.46 GAA to the net. Boston kicked the shit out of Carolina 7-0 and Chara had a hat trick.


Put your shit-kicking boots on everyone because this should be a stomping.


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I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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