Worst Announcer Poll

The Bruins and the Sabres take the ice tomorrow is what can only be described as the greatest team in the world (The Bruins) facing off against the worst city in the world (Buffalo). The biggest thing about this is that some Bruins fans who have to turn to feeds will either get Jack Edwards or Rick Jeanneret.

The shitty thing is that both announcers are equally as bad. As a Bostonian I am supposed to love Edwards, but sometimes his homerism crawls up my skim and punches me in the face. It is like talking to the hot drunk chick at the bar but then her breath smells like 14 dead cats were rolled in Indian food.

Jeanneret isn’t all sunshine and farts either. The guy is rough to listen to and will certainly makes your ears bleed something fierce. So I ask you, reader, which guy is worse. If you don’t know either of them here are some videos for you:

Also, I know this is a pro-Bruins blog but I hope that some of the degenerates in Buffalo can wake up their hampster, get their internet working and vote.

Rick Jeanneret:

Jack Edwards:

Vote here:


About angrybruin

I'm a twenty-something year old hockey fan who is pissed off most of the time
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3 Responses to Worst Announcer Poll

  1. Tyler says:

    Are you serious man? Who are you again? Jeanneret is a great guy and a great announcer better then anyone over the on NESN. Shoot a guy down for having emotion while he makes a call instead of just going through the motions like everyone… CONGRATS!

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