The Hockey News and Their Irresponsibility

Please note: I wrote this on my Droid.

It is amazing that the Internet allows anyone with a brain keyboard to say whatever they want. Today The Hockey News tweeted this:

RT @TheHockeyNews: It is very sad to see Marc Savard struggling with concussions. But don’t forget that, in a sense, Matt Cooke has been victimized, too.

This caused Bruins fans to shit their pants and send Twitter’s version of flaming paper bags full of shit their way. It also allowed Pens fans to grab their shields and defend THN.

Whatever your stance is the statement that THN made was ridiculous. Everyone reading this knows that my blog is pro-Bruin.

My issue with the tweet is that NOTHING makes Cooke a victim. The NHL didn’t make him a victim because they didn’t dine or suspend him. The people of Pittsburgh didn’t make him a victim because they defended his actions. You heard the bullshit from Pittsburgh.

“oh, it was a legal hit.”
“Savard should’ve had his head up.”
“Who cares its just Marc Savard.”

The same douches that said this also have their vaginas in a twist because Sidney Crosby has been out with a concussion on a legal hit.

The problem with THN’s tweet is that this isn’t the first time Cooke has put himself in this situation. Do a quick search of Matt Cooke dirty hits on YouTube and there are plenty of videos.

Matt Cooke hits Savard.
Matt Cooke’s dirty hit on Keith Yandle
Matt Cooke’s dirty hit on Andrei Markov

There’s even a 5 minute video of Matt Cooke cheapshots and dirty hits.

So my question is where does Matt Cooke become victimized in this?

One could make the case that the NHL makes him the victim because they did not penalize Cooke. Although the point is very valid, it can’t be used as an excuse for all the “pro-Cooke” people out there.

The only real victim here is Marc Savard who is back in Ontario after suffering his second concussion in 10 months.

There are those who believe that having a concussion will leave someone susceptible to more. I can’t really comment on this as a professional but as someone who has suffered multiple concussion playing sports, it makes sense.

THN’s tweet is both ridiculous and irresponsible. I am glad that many, included respected media personnel condemned THN for their comments.

Maybe something like this will make a “respected” hockey outlet think before they tweet.

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