Gameday Brew #10 – Guess what New England? It’s Snowing (again)

Yeah it’s snowing – big fucking whoop. I had a mini freakout in tonight’s game preview that I posted earlier today. Now that I’ve gone out and shoveled at work, I’m just bitter. The snow is light, which is a blessing (for now), but it is still snow. Plus, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops maps are out for Xbox 360 and I don’t feel like interrupting my games to go fucking shovel. 

Today’s Gameday Brew is special. Not in the “taking the shortbus to school” variety but in the “my kid just came home with an A in a real class” special. It is Gameday Brew #10. I must say, I’ve had a lot of fun doing the Gameday Brew entries, especially because it allows me to go to the liquor store and try out random beers IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE (or lushes, whatever).

Story time boys and girls:

My sister got married on October 10, 2010 – that’s right, 10/10/10. Don’t judge. My brother-in-law is a huge beer guy and enjoys sports, so he’s good in my book. For my groomsman gift he got us all a Beer Of The Month type of membership where we get a couple microbrews sent to us for free and then if we want to buy in to the program we can.

So I came in to work last Monday and what was sitting on my desk? A big brown box full of beer. There’s no better gift to receive at 8:30am than a box full of beer.

I open the box with the vigor and excitement of a kid at Christmas – tearing through the tape and paper work to find 12 bottles of microbrew beer staring me right in the face. I swear I heard angels singing and I think God winked at me.

Beer and Coffee - combined!

So today I will reviewing one of the microbrews I got. This beer is called “Fuel Cafe” and comes to us from the good people of Lakefront Brewery Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So the reason this beer is called “Fuel Cafe” is because it is a stout beer brewed with coffee.

Now being a caffeine addict and a beer fan, I figured this is the best of both worlds (cue: Hannah Montana theme). Yes I have a 7 year old daughter, shut up. So last night I decided to crack open one of these bad boys and watch some thrilling Intervention (fucked up right?).

Right when you open the bottle you get a nice whiff of coffee and then the smell of alcohol. The first sip brings a rush of coffee to the front of your taste buds and after you swallow, leaves a pleasing after taste in the back of your mouth. I didn’t notice any hyper effects like when I was drinking Four Lokos or something with an alcohol/caffeine mix, but that could be due to me just having one.

If you can find this beer out there, it’s worth a purchase. I was only able to get three of them, but hopefully I’ll be able to find more around here.



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