Is Shutting Down Savy All That Surprising?

Savard's second concussion in 11 months

Can you tell that work is slow? I’m cranking out more blog posts today than I have in the past month. There’s been a lot of talk of the Bruins “seriously considering” shutting down Marc Savard for the season due to his second concussion in 11 months.

Joe McDonald of ESPNBoston had a phone conversation with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli where Chiarelli stated:

“There is a strong possibility [of shutting him down], but you have to take it step by step,”

Is anyone truly shocked/surprised by this? In the past year Savard has had two concussions, one on a blatant cheapshot by Matt Cooke and the other on a clean hit by Matt Hunwick, that has left him sitting at home in the dark.

Hunwick’s hit on Savard

Watch the video, there’s nothing wrong with what Matt Hunwick did. It was a legal hit, much like the hit that cause Sidney Crosby to suffer a concussion (and by proxy finally have the NHL say “Oh hey, maybe we should seriously look in to head shots” [although the Crosby hit wasn’t a head shot]).

So Savard has been at home since the hit on January 22, 2011 and hasn’t touched the ice since then. The guys of Days of Y’Orr and I (who have welcomed me as part of their own) had a round table discussion a few days after the hit to discuss if Savard should retire. Once that went live – Twitter was a buzz with people telling us that we were jumping the gun and need to wait it out.

Well a week or so later, people are beginning to use the “R” word in terms of Savard, especially if he gets shut down because of this. There’s two ways to look at this, hold out Savard and hope that he can come back next season and play at the All-Star level he was a year or so ago or shut him down and he retires.

Realistically what will happen is that the Bruins will shut down Savard for the season, he’ll struggle in 2011-2012 and will hopefully be back to form in 2012-2013. When Patrice Bergeron suffered the concussion at the hands of Randy Jones, it took him (seemingly) forever to come back from it. Add in his second concussion against the Hurricanes (in 2008) and he is just now becoming the Bergeron of old.

Don’t forget, Bergeron is still 25 years old. Marc Savard is 33 and has been down this road before. We all know that the body tends to recover slower as you get older so it is very possible Savard is done for the season. What does this mean in terms of the Bruins?

That’s something we’ll get in to a little closer to the trade deadline.


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