52. Bruins welcome Steve Ott’s Doucheness to Boston

Nice facial hair, Spencer Pratt

Fuck Steve Ott.

The guy plays the instigator role so well that you want to hop the ice and punch him in the face for the team he’s bothering. As a fan of hockey, I love the instigator role. As a fan of the Bruins, tonight, I’m going to hate Steve Ott.

Unlike last year, Dallas is once again relevant in the NHL, sitting at third in the West with 65 points. Boston sits third in the East with…wait for it…65 points! OH EM GEE, how can this happen? Sorry, I think I still have some “snow hysteria” lingering from the past couple of days. I didn’t mean to fly off the handle like that.

The Stars are coming off a 4-1 home loss to the Vancouver Canucks while the Bruins are coming off of a 3-2 road win in Carolina. Boston has won their last two games and are looking to start their tough four game home stand with a win. Boston has to face Dallas (3rd in West), San Jose (5th in West), Montreal (6th in East) and Detroit (2nd in West) at home before flying to Detroit for the second game of a home and home series. This is the type of stretch that tells you the type of team you have. When you’re playing the best of the best in the NHL, you have the opportunity to show the league you’re an elite team and not a team that just beats the shitty teams.

Bruins Leaders
Goals: Milan Lucic – 20
Assists: David Krecji – 27
Points: Patrice Bergeron – 41
Plus/Minus: Zdeno Chara – +23
Goals Against Average: Tim Thomas – 1.82 GAA
Save Percentage: .945

Stars Leaders
Goals: Brenden Morrow – 21
Assists: Brad Richards – 38
Points: Brad Richards – 58
Plus/Minus: Loui Eriksson – +15
Goals Against Average: Andrew Raycroft – 2.45
Save Percentage: Andrew Raycroft – .920

You know what really bothers me? It seems that every team the Bruins play has a player (or in Dallas’ case, two players) with 50+ points. Why is it that all these teams (including bad teams like Carolina) can sport a player with 50+ points and Boston can’t? Does it have to do with Julien’s system or that the Bruins don’t have a “stud” offensive player?


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2 Responses to 52. Bruins welcome Steve Ott’s Doucheness to Boston

  1. Vinny says:

    Ott isn’t an instigator. He’s a coward. Jack Edwards could kick his ass.

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