EASHL Is Gar-bitch

Another abortion from EA Sports

EA Sports EASHL mode sucks a drum full of donkey dicks. Continue reading

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The Hockey News and Their Irresponsibility

Please note: I wrote this on my Droid.

It is amazing that the Internet allows anyone with a brain keyboard to say whatever they want. Today The Hockey News tweeted this:

RT @TheHockeyNews: It is very sad to see Marc Savard struggling with concussions. But don’t forget that, in a sense, Matt Cooke has been victimized, too.
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49. Boston Bruins @ LA Kings

The root of my evil

If I am more ornery than usual, I apologize blow me. Dunkin Donuts fucked up my coffee order and the heat in the building isn’t working. I can live without heat because I’m rocking a sick CAT vest that will have me sweating by lunch time. My feet are fucking freezing though. It could be the fucking ankle socks I’m wearing, which is my fault for being a cunt-faced gremlin. Continue reading

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Gameday Brew #9 Boston @ Los Angeles

I hate west coast hockey. Continue reading

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Gameday Brew #8 – Buffalo @ Boston

Oh the deliciousness of alcohol. Let’s ponder this for a moment before I suggest what you need to get fucked up on tonight. Alcohol is truly a wonderful thing. It makes boring shit like reading or watching a movie much more enjoyable. It makes enjoyable things like playing Rock Band w/ friends or playing cards a blast. It makes a blast like going to a Bruins game an all out fucking craze-fest.

There are some types of alcohol that will bring the party up a notch. Drink some Four Loko and go to a Bruins game – it’s a fucking trip man. I’m sorry to the guy I called Checkerboard Shorts over and over but to my defense, it was November. No need bro.

So with Buffalo coming to town and the fire that exists more between the fans than the teams, I think the Garden needs to be rocking. If anyone feels like making the trip down from Buffalo to a real hockey city, we need to show them how you root for a hockey team.

I think tonight, especially if you’re going to the game, you need to drink the drink of douchebags. It is okay to drink this, it doesn’t make you a douchebag. I think because Buffalo is full of douchebags like Drew Stafford, it is perfectly acceptable to drink the drink of dbags.

I’m sorry, there was a lot of douchebag talk there.

Anyways, you need to get fired up tonight. There is only one drink that can do that properly.


Jagerbomb! Jagerbomb! Jagerbomb!

You damn right, the mother fucking Jagerbomb. This drink is comprised of a glass about 3/4 full of red bull and a shot of J├Ągermeister. Drop the shot in to the glass and chug that shit down. This drink will fuck you up and rape your soul but you’ll have the energy of 20 homeless men on meth.

Well enjoy the drink and enjoy the game. Fuck you Buffalo and fuck you Drew Stafford!

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Worst Announcer Poll

The Bruins and the Sabres take the ice tomorrow is what can only be described as the greatest team in the world (The Bruins) facing off against the worst city in the world (Buffalo). The biggest thing about this is that some Bruins fans who have to turn to feeds will either get Jack Edwards or Rick Jeanneret. Continue reading

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The “Big 4” of Bruins Fans

With the recent boom of hockey in the Northeast I feel that it is my duty to break down the Bruins fan. I wrote a post a very long time ago for Something’s Bruin about how the Bruins fan is becoming the Red Sox fan pre-2004. Much like the Red Sox, the Bruins crowd is starting to change a little bit. Before the Bruins 2008-2009 season, the Shawmut Center/FleetCenter was full of people who could talk about a hockey game at length. They knew the ins and outs of the game and while the teams were being bounced in the first round of the playoffs and drafting guys like Joe Thornton, Hannu Toivonen, and Lars Jonsson (all first round picks, respectively). Continue reading

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