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Gameday Brew #10 – Guess what New England? It’s Snowing (again)

Yeah it’s snowing – big fucking whoop. I had a mini freakout in tonight’s game preview that I posted earlier today. Now that I’ve gone out and shoveled at work, I’m just bitter. The snow is light, which is a … Continue reading

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51. …And we’re still in Carolina

Jesus Christ, I feel like the Bruins have been in Carolina for the past three weeks. Also – fuck the snow. I can’t take it anymore! This white stuff coming down from the sky makes me want to run in … Continue reading

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46. Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes

  Let’s be real for a minute. When the Bruins play Carolina are you sitting there wishing the Bruins were playing Carolina or Hartford? I want your honest opinion on this. I’ve been a hockey fan since the mid 90’s, … Continue reading

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Gameday Brew #7 – Boston at Carolina

Oh man has it been a good week to be a Bruins fan. After pooping their pants in Montreal, Boston has ripped off a 4-1 record over their last five games and are currently sitting on top of the Northeast … Continue reading

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