Gameday Brew #11 – Dallas @ Boston

Here we go again. I hoped you were able to find some “Fuel Cafe” because I drank that shit while shoveling Tuesday evening and flew through it. It was some serious shit – although apparently I’m a fucking hipster now (right Jay?).

The Bruins will be welcoming the Dallas Stars in to the TD Bank Garden. I have my game preview here.

8.5% of alcohol, 100% delicious

So I’m going to stick with the microbrews today for Gameday Brew #11. My recommendation for today is RJ Rockers Bellringer Ale. Just like the Fuel Cafe beer from Lakeside Brewing Inc, the RJ Rockers Bellringer came to me in the Beer Of The Month pack. RJ Rockers is a brewery located in Spartanburgh, South Carolina.

I grabbed three of the RJ Rockers Patriot Ale and three of the Bell Ringer Ale and headed up to my man attic for some wonderful Call of Duty: Black Ops while my wife and child were fast asleep. What I didn’t realize is that after chugging down the Bell Ringer Ale, I was already feeling pretty good. Well after visiting RJ Rockers website, the Bell Ringer Ale is 8.5% alcohol!

The beer itself was delicious and much, much better than the Patriot Ale. The Bell Ringer Ale isn’t overly carbonated, in fact, I would say there is a medium carbonation. Nothing like Sam Adam’s where the head sits in your mouth for awhile (giggity). The beer is very malty, with earthy undertones and finishes with a great hoppy taste.

This beer WILL fuck you up based on the 8.5% alcohol in it, but unlike high alcoholic beers like Molson XXX, it has a very good taste to it.

I would recommend it to everyone reading this. I’m currently e-mailing the company to see how I can get some more. I’ll update everyone as soon as I hear back from them.



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One Response to Gameday Brew #11 – Dallas @ Boston

  1. Mark says:

    Good call on the Bellringer. I, too, got that in my Microbrew Beer of the Month Club deliver this week. It almost reminded me of Hoptimus Prime with that almost sweet, sticky aftertaste. And yes, much better than the Patriot Ale.

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