51. …And we’re still in Carolina

This may be the Bruins second home

Jesus Christ, I feel like the Bruins have been in Carolina for the past three weeks. Also – fuck the snow. I can’t take it anymore! This white stuff coming down from the sky makes me want to run in to an orphanage and tip over all their bowls of porridge. Orphans still eat porridge right? Do we need to update Oliver Twist now, America?

Anyways, [macho man]OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH [/macho man] hockey is back! After a terrible All-Star game, the real shit returns as the Bruins only have 32 games left to get their shit together and get ready for the playoffs.

Since most of the team has been off for the past three days what better team to tune up against than Carolina? I’m kidding of course since the last time Boston played Carolina, they squeaked out a victory thanks to Tim Thomas and his amazing goaltending abilities. DONT LOOK NOW EASTERN CONFERENCE, CAROLINA IS ALMOST IN THE PLAYOFFS. Seriously, Carolina is sitting at 9th in the East with 56 points and two games in hand on 8th place Atlanta (57 points).

I have no idea who will be starting in net for the Bruins tonight but I’ll put my money on Tim Thomas. If I were Claude Julien, I’d look in to hair transplant surgery (rimshot). Seriously though, if I were Julien, I’d look to start Tuukka tonight. Rask hasn’t played since January 20 in a 4-1 loss against Buffalo while Thomas got some work during the All-Star Game on Sunday in North Carolina.

On the season the Bruins are 2-1 against Carolina which includes a 7-0 win at home and a 3-2 win in Carolina during a home-and-home series in January. This will be the last time that Boston faces Carolina in the regular season.

Bruins Leaders
Goals: Milan Lucic – 20
Assists: David Krejci – 26
Points: Patrice Bergeron – 40
Plus/Minus: Zdeno Chara – +22
Goals Against Average: Tim Thomas – 1.81
Save Percentage: Tim Thomas – .945

Hurricanes Leaders
Goals: Eric Staal – 25
Assists: Tuomo Ruutu – 28
Points: Eric Staal – 52
Plus/Minus: Brandon Sutter – +12
Goals Against Average: Cam Ward – 2.70
Save Percentage: Cam Ward .920

To me it is amazing that the Hurricanes, who are 9th in the East, can sport better offensive numbers individually (and score .04 goals per game less than Boston [3.02 for Boston compared with 2.98 for Carolina]). What this really speaks to is that Tim Thomas is on his game and Claude’s defensive system is working well. Need more proof? Boston is once against tops in the league in Goals Against per Game with 2.14 while Carolina is ranked 23 with 3.02 GA/G.


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