Gameday Brew #11 – Dallas @ Boston

Here we go again. I hoped you were able to find some “Fuel Cafe” because I drank that shit while shoveling Tuesday evening and flew through it. It was some serious shit – although apparently I’m a fucking hipster now (right Jay?).

The Bruins will be welcoming the Dallas Stars in to the TD Bank Garden. I have my game preview here.
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52. Bruins welcome Steve Ott’s Doucheness to Boston

Nice facial hair, Spencer Pratt

Fuck Steve Ott.

The guy plays the instigator role so well that you want to hop the ice and punch him in the face for the team he’s bothering. As a fan of hockey, I love the instigator role. As a fan of the Bruins, tonight, I’m going to hate Steve Ott.

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Is Shutting Down Savy All That Surprising?

Savard's second concussion in 11 months

Can you tell that work is slow? I’m cranking out more blog posts today than I have in the past month. There’s been a lot of talk of the Bruins “seriously considering” shutting down Marc Savard for the season due to his second concussion in 11 months.

Joe McDonald of ESPNBoston had a phone conversation with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli where Chiarelli stated:

“There is a strong possibility [of shutting him down], but you have to take it step by step,”
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Gameday Brew #10 – Guess what New England? It’s Snowing (again)

Yeah it’s snowing – big fucking whoop. I had a mini freakout in tonight’s game preview that I posted earlier today. Now that I’ve gone out and shoveled at work, I’m just bitter. The snow is light, which is a blessing (for now), but it is still snow. Plus, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops maps are out for Xbox 360 and I don’t feel like interrupting my games to go fucking shovel.  Continue reading

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51. …And we’re still in Carolina

This may be the Bruins second home

Jesus Christ, I feel like the Bruins have been in Carolina for the past three weeks. Also – fuck the snow. I can’t take it anymore! This white stuff coming down from the sky makes me want to run in to an orphanage and tip over all their bowls of porridge. Orphans still eat porridge right? Do we need to update Oliver Twist now, America? Continue reading

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Sunday Funday Search Terms

What the fuck is wrong with some people? I was just looking through the search terms for my blog yesterday when this gem popped up: Continue reading

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All-Star Games Need To Go

Time for this to become the last all-star logo you ever see

With the NHL All-Star game and NFL Pro Bowl finishing up this weekend, I think that it is safe to say that all-star games need to go away. I’ve never been an all-star fan and I don’t think many people out there are. They may do well in terms of ratings, but I would say this has more to do with people being a big sport of the fan than someone being interested in the actual all-star game themselves. I’m going to tell you why I believe all-star games need to go the way of the newspaper, Apple computers and the Commodore 64. Continue reading

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